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The following photos are pretty outdated! Most of these animals have moved away or passed away, so it's nice to still have them here! The blog is updated more regularly, so check us out there for more up-to-date stuff!

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Naked cat!

Monster in Our Midst

Whoa! I just got back from a trip to California. I saw this guy in the window of a Sci-Fi bookstore in San Franscisco. I think hairless cats are cool, but they are pretty strange-looking, so it's funny that he chose this particular book to cuddle with...

Kit in a box!

I didn't have time to wrap it:

L'il Grey in a box

This is the newest addition to my house, L'il Grey. She adopted us a couple months ago, while i was recovering from my bike wreck. She terrorizes the other kitties and Alex, but she's very affectionate to people, and very charming.

Merry Holidays to All!

More L'il Grey:

L'il Grey on Windowsill

L'il Grey on Bed

Alex's Halloween Costume!

Alex in Wig

Alex says, "Happy Halloween!"

Happy Halloween!

There's a black cat coming to get you! Ooooh scary!

Scary Colette


Scary Colette



Alex is my housemate Alanna's dog. He's amazing.

Zoe and Collette


Zoe is one of my favorite dogs to housesit for. She's also great at fetch.

Daisy the pug, again


I can't resist taking pictures of Daisy the pug! She's very photogenic.

Santos, a.k.a. Slim


The people who have Sasha, Princess, and Belle recently rescued a fourth dog.


They call her Slim cause she was really really skinny when they found her.


I call her Santos, after the dog on the Simpsons.



I love Pettibone! He hates going outside so we have to play inside after our walk.

Pettibone 2

His family recently had a baby, and he doesn't seem to know what to do about him.

Pettibone 3

But he seems pretty content to just lie in a sunbeam all day.