Sharon's Pet Care

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Luna and Lantis

I just wanted to write and tell you that I really appreciated your help last week. You took care of our two dogs, Lantis and Luna.

I could tell just by the way that our dogs reacted when they saw you (during key-pick up) that they loved you. Lantis and Luna generally accept strangers but aren't really the most friendly type of dogs. But both their little (almost non-existent) tails were wagging so much when they saw you!

We don't generally go out much without our dogs but if there is any other time I need a little assistant with our two babies, we will definitely contact you again. And thank you so much for helping out on such a short notice.

- Jennifer

Zoe and Collette

I enjoy my vacations twice as much knowing that Sharon is giving my dog and kitten all the love and care I could possible want them to have. And my animals adore--and obey--her.

- Joan Ryan


Sharon used to walk our dog Pickles, and she loved it! And we loved it! Having a sometimes spazzy little boston terrier full of energy and wanting to play tug-of-war non-stop, it was a huge relief to know that Sharon was coming over daily to help release some of that energy before we would come home tired from work. Sharon knew Pickles' personality perfectly and always gave her lots of love and attention. We were sad to stop having Sharon visit when we moved to Northern Liberties and will miss her even more now that we are on our way to Seattle! We would recommend her to everyone, 100%.

-Allie Armstrong & Todd Hoffman

Twizzler and Sparky

Sharon walked our lab/shepard mix Twizzler just about every weekday for about three years. She never missed a day without sending a reliable replacement.

When Twizzy's hip became disjointed and she fell during a walk, Sharon stayed with her until we could rush her to the hospital and then babysat her all through her long recovery, giving her medication, cuddling her, and eventually, giving her short walks until she was strong again.

A few months before we moved, we adopted a sickly little stray pit bull mix, whom we named Sparky. Her health and demeanor changed weekly, and she always had to be walked seperately from Twizzler. Sharon dutifully cared for both dogs (and refused to charge us the two-dog rate when we intitally thought we were just fostering Sparky.)

Now, sadly, we live too far away for Sharon to do daily walks, but we call her whenever we need a weekend petsitter. Twizzler and Sparky love her almost as much as they do us!

-Doven Brezner-Collins, East Falls Philadelphia

Housesitting Clients

Sharon has petsat/housesat for us many times over the past couple of years... sometimes for a night, sometimes for a long weekend, and a couple of times for a week or so. We have two dogs and two cats, and when we go away, we hire Sharon rather than board our animals, as they and we are much happier this way.

In the past, we have had some very bad experiences with past pet/housesitters, so we were nervous when we first hired her (not because of her, but because of these other experiences). So at first, we'd call and check in. As we have experienced Sharon to be reliable, we have called in less and less...we now trust that she will call us if there are any problems, but there usually are none. This allows us to relax and enjoy our time away. When we come home, the animals are well cared for and happy. We have found her to be trustworthy, and to have good communication skills and most importantly, good judgement.

We are currently preparing to go away for two weeks on a trip where we will not be reachable most of the time, and will be out of the country. We were relieved when we were able to line Sharon up for this gig. We are trusting her with all that we have ... our home, our car, our animals. That should tell you how confident we are about her work.

Unlike hitting up friends or friends' kids to petsit, Sharon does this for a living... it is her business and she takes it seriously. She is careful to curry good relationships with her customers. Once or twice we've had miscommunication about scheduling, and she has extended herself to accommodate our needs. On the few occasions when she has been unable to work for us b/c of scheduling conflicts, she has given us recommendations of others to whom she trusts her business, and those people have worked out too.

Long way of saying... she's great. I have no problem recommending Sharon.

-Karen Escovitz, Mount Airy, Philadelphia, PA