The Humans


Sharon and Jack Bow-wow

Puppy Uprising Pet Sitters is run by me, Sharon Wasko, and for many years it was just me. I started this business in 2003 because there is nothing I'd rather do than take care of the dogs and cats and other animals of the world. Humans have their charms, but when it comes down to it, I'd much rather hang out with dogs.

We've now expanded into a full-fledged pet sitting company with several Independent Contractors working for us every day, and I've mostly retired from the physical parts of the job, as I'm expecting a baby soon! The work is now split up between myself and Greg, Jessica, Eric, Julian, and Carol. I do all the administration and client communication while they split up the house-sitting and the daily walks.

My bio: I'm from the Jersey Shore. I grew up near the beach in Belmar, NJ, to be exact. I went to Catholic grammar and high school. Then I majored in fine arts at Trenton State College. Then I moved to Philly. While here I've helped organize Ladyfest Philly, done some other feminist activism, made some art, made some puppet shows, and walked about a zillion dogs.
I live in an apartment with my partner Mike, our lab/shepherd mutt Maxx, our crazy little lab mix Drusilla, and our three big cats, Mr. Pants, Io and Esme. Mike and I are got hitched at Bartram's Garden last May and are expecting a baby in February 2013!

My Co-workers

greg dean!

Greg with Mabel and cats

Greg's date with Boris and third wheel Jack

Greg rocks. He's worked with dogs for a while now and knows a LOT about animals. He’s also just one of the most enthusiastic people I’ve ever met, and thus a great pet sitter! You'll know he's been by your house when you get notes filled with hearts and exclamation points and cute stories about your pet!



Jessica has so much experience with dogs and cats (and rats!), it puts the rest of us to shame. She's worked at and still volunteers with PAWS, she's fostered tons of animals, she's worked for other pet sitters in Philly, AND she's in school to become a dog trainer. PLUS, she makes a mean smoothie as barista at the Satellite Cafe, the "second office" of P.U.P.S.

Eric O.

Eric and Tiger Lilly

Eric O. started at P.U.P.S. in January of 2012. He ran his own dog walking service in Brooklyn for several years before moving to Philly, and Brooklyn's loss is West Philly's gain! The dogs and cats love his quiet, gentle demeanor, and we all love his commitment to this work! His love of tiny dogs is particularly endearing!

Julian F.


Julian began working for Fall of 2012 after the other pet sitting company he worked for, Philapets, disbanded. He was a natural fit as he'd already been walking dogs in the neighborhood for the past couple years! He's been a huge help and is a super sweet and friendly guy that all the pets seem to love!

Carol O.

Carol and Roxie

Carol came to us in the beginning of 2013 after a stint with a Center City-based pet sitting company. She is loving being able to walk dogs in her own neighborhood! All the dogs and cats have been excited to meet her, and as a former small business owner herself, she's committed to making our human clients as happy as can be, as well!