• Scheduling: Please plan ahead! Two months' to one week’s notice is ideal for vacation sitting. For weekday dog walking, please try to give us at least 48 hours notice when you'll need us.
  • Keys: We will ask for 2 working sets of keys to your home at our first meeting. These keys will stored in a secure location, with a coded label that does not include your name or address, whenever we're not using them. Please give us 2 sets that you don't need back! We do not have the resources to pick up and return keys before and after every job. We will return your keys ONE TIME, and after that there will be a $10 charge for each extra visit to your home to return or collect keys. Thanks!
  • Holidays will have an added fee of $10, which goes straight to the sitter as compensation for working holidays! This includes Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Easter.
  • Cancellation policies differ according to what type of service has been scheduled, so please check the section for the type of service you need below.
  • Weekends: Please get any requests for weekend pet care (walks, cat care, house-sitting) in by the previous WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 10. Any weekend visits scheduled after then will incur a 25% added fee, and any day-of requests on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will incur an added 50% fee.
  • In case of an emergency that requires a vet or other emergency assistance, you are responsible for covering or reimbursing us for the costs (including transportation) and extra time spent. Having a credit card or other payment plan on file with your veterinarian is recommended.

  • You can get in touch with Greg Dean at 248-342-5420 or puppyuprising (at) gmail (dot) com. Phone/text message is the fastest way of reaching me but I also check email every day.

Daily Dog Walking Visits:

  • Visits (or "walks") range from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on your pet's needs. Other durations and prices can be negotiated. ("Visits" refers to any time we come to your home to care for your pet.) We try to keep most dogs out and walking for at least 20 minutes. We also offer "pee breaks" during weekdays for dogs that just need to pee but not much else.
  • Please pay at least once a week, preferably on the last visit, for regular visits, and on the first visit for vacations. We take checks (made out to "P.U.P.S."), cash, or Paypal to sharon (at)
  • Cancellations: Please please please tell Greg ASAP if you need to cancel! Daytime visits canceled after 10am (or less than an hour in advance for walks scheduled before 10) will incur a fee equal to half the price of the walk.
  • Treats: We get worried about rawhides and greenies! Both pose a choking hazard and are not recommended for unsupervised dogs! We'd prefer not to give them to your pups when we're not around. However, we LOVE Kongs, big bones, and other non-choke-on-able toys filled with peanut butter, canned pumpkin, yogurt, or Kong Stuffin'. Especially frozen! That stuff can keep a dog entertained for a long time, and they don't even notice us leaving! Rawhides don't even hold their attention as well. So if you're not already keeping a frozen PB Kong or something in the freezer for us, think about doing so! We also don't mind filling up a treat ourselves- just let us know what we should use!
  • We love Clark Park! If your dog is well-socialized enough to run off-leash with other dogs, we'd love to take her there! For dogs who can't be let off-leash, but like other dogs, I recommend the private park, Chester Avenue Dog Park at 48th and Chester. It's big and has toys, water, and even extra plastic bags. For information on joining, see their website,
  • Vacation cat care:

    • Cats while you’re traveling: We have a policy against leaving cats alone for more than 24 hours. There have been rare, but scary, instances of cats getting sick or injured while their people were gone, and if they had gone much more than 24 hours between visits, it would have been way worse for them. So, daily visits when you are out of town, please.
    • Cancellations: We know that schedules can change for all kinds of reasons, so our cancellation policy is very forgiving! You can cancel any visits up to the day before they are scheduled to start. Day-of cancellations will incur a charge of 50% of the whole job.
    • Please call, text, or email as soon as you can when you get home to reassure us that your pets are taken care of.
    • Housesitting:

      • Please don't be embarrassed to leave us long, detailed notes about the pets, house, garbage disposal, TV remote, etc. The more information we have, the smoother our stay will go! Also, if we're staying at your place, it helps to know whether it’s OK for us to eat your food, do laundry, use your computer, etc. The more of these things it’s OK for us to do, the more comfortable we are, and the more time I’ll spend with your animals. Also, since we house-sit very frequently, it helps our sanity to bring a guest. Know that we may have one or occassionally two very trustworthy, close friends over. If this is a problem for you, let us know.
      • Travelers: If we're taking care of your animals while you’re out of town, please call or text Sharon on her cell phone less than 24 hours before you leave, and get confirmation from me. Please reiterate when exactly you are leaving and planning on getting back. This is just a precaution to prevent miscommunication, but it’s really important. Also, as usual, we ask that you call to confirm when you’ve gotten home.
      • Cancellations: House sitting jobs canceled less than 5 days in advance will incur a charge of 50% the total cost if we had to turn down another job because you had already booked us. Day-of cancellations also incur this fee.
      • Feel free to call and see how things are going. However: No daily updates available - sorry! If you are away we will only call you in case of emergencies.