Lucy the cat was born with some brain damage, but she's really really cute and friendly.

Sorry a bunch of my photos now are really small and/or blurry; I had my camera on the wrong settings for a few weeks!



Kaya is one my oldest clients. I mean that both ways: I've been walking her for a long time and she's pretty old.

Idgie on Bed


Idgie is a great little dog. She lives with my friend Kira out in Mount Airy.



I know it's not a great picture, but Scooter's a great cat. Her parents are my recently-married Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy. Scooter recently turned 18 years old!


Tubby 1

I can't believe I haven't posted any pictures of Tubby yet! We hang out 5 days a week. He's one of my best buddies.

Tubby 2

He is old and really slow, but he is still very charming and I love him.

Tubby 3

Esme on Toilet

Esme Toilet 1

My cat Esme cracks me up. She's all, "What!?!? I'm comfortable!"

Esme Toilet 2

Teddy, Alfred, and Sophie




Teddy, Alfred, and Sophie live together, and are all adorable, although extremely high-energy. Sophie's the newest addition and is taking a long time to get used to me. Teddy and Alfred take turns jumping onto my lap and showering me with kisses, while Sophie hovers a few feet away, skeptical.

Bella the cat


Bella lives with Tubby, so I see her 5 days a week. She's very affectionate, and very round. I call her "The Globe".

Here she is caught looking crazy. She was just turning around to scratch her tail, but the camera went off at just the right moment.

Bella Crazy Face

Ruby and Simon

Ruby and Simon

Ruby and Simon live together. They're not related; they're different ages and from different parts of the country, but they look so similar I really think of them as brother and sister.



Luna loves her orange Cuz ball. Who wouldn't?