Puppy the Kitty


Puppy is very skeptical of people. You'd be skeptical too, if you were a cat named Puppy.

Puppy Foot

Maybe I am also skeptical of her...

Puppy and Me



Desi is a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback. She moved from West Philly to New York City a couple years ago, but I was lucky enough to get to housesit for her last month in New York.

Here she is chatting with a friend in Riverside Park:

Desi and Friend

Baby Smalls

Baby Smalls1

This is my friend Penelope's kitty. Her name is Baby Smalls and she likes to sit on your shoulder. I got to live with them (and their other cat, Neko) for a couple months and it was great!

Baby Smalls2

Baby Smalls3

Wendy in Action!

There were a couple days last month that the Clark Park dog bowl became a muddy lake after the rain. On one of them Pablo and I decided to take our friends Lilly and Wendy down there. Lilly was bored, but Wendy sure had a great time.

Wendy 2

Wendy 3

Wendy 5

Wendy 1

Wendy 4

Photos by Pablo Virgo


Sasha 2

Sasha 1

Sasha 3

Sasha is very photogenic.

Photos by Pablo Virgo

Daisy the pug

Daisy 1

Daisy is actually Jason's client (see Humans) far more often than mine, but we got to spend the better part of a weekend together, and Pablo was kind enough to record it.

Daisy and Sharon

Photos by Pablo Virgo


Boris 3

Boris has an underbite like me! Well, mine is less dramatic.

Boris 4

He's so cute...I'm fascinated.

Me and Boris

Photos by Pablo Virgo

Belle and Princess

Belle & Princess

Belle (foreground) and Princess are sweet older pit bull mixes. Together with their brother Sasha, they are three very fun and affectionate dogs.

Photo by Pablo Virgo



Here's my brother's dog, Miles, a year later and feeling healthier than in those cast photos.


Miles in Black Cast

This is my brother Craig's dog, Miles, a very large and sweet black mutt. They live in Northern California. He broke his leg two years ago, and had to spend the whole summer in a cast. I was out there and took some pictures of the creative cast designs his vets made.

Miles in Yellow Cast